Monday, January 3, 2011

Grateful for Monday

Welcome 2011!

I am so grateful for a new year, filled with new beginnings. Unfortunately, I have already failed at 2 of my New Year's resolutions and I am only into day 3 of the year. I have promised myself to start exercising in the morning and I am really going to try to blog is just sooooo difficult to write about my life when it is soooo boring. Basically, all I do is work, eat, sleep...then repeat. What can I really say about that?

I did delete my facebook, which was one of my resolutions. I have to admit I had some withdrawal symptoms at first, but now I feel liberated!

I am looking forward to great things in the new year. I really believe the recession will come to an end in 2011. I am also excited to learn who the next presidential candidates will be. A few of my hopeful Republican candidates would include Governor Haley Barbour, Mitt Romney, and possibly Sarah Palin. I am well aware how the press depicts Sarah Palin, but I am not convinced. I can't help but see her as a strong, confident, intelligent woman who unequivocally provokes strong emotions from her enemies as well as her allies. If she is as stupid as the press portrays her to be, then why is everyone so interested in every move she makes?

........Can't wait to see what 2011 has to offer........HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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