Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grand Cayman

Because wednesday is in the middle of the work-week and most people are dreaming about getting away from their jobs, I have decided to use wednesday posts to discuss vacation destinations I have visited or would someday like to visit.

Robby & I visited Grand Cayman in 2007. This was by far Robby's favorite vacation destination and we have both said we would someday love to have a home in Grand Cayman (if we ever win the lottery!). The water is beautiful and the island is very safe. I actually felt safer walking downtown in Grand Cayman than I have ever felt while in Kentucky. There is virtually no crime or poverty and the island is extremely clean. The island also has wonderful restaurants and great WINE!

While in Grand Cayman, we stayed at the Westin Casuarina Resort on Seven Mile Beach. The resort was very nice and affordable.

The most memorable part of Grand Cayman, for me, was our encounter with the stingrays! We set sail on a large catamaran with several other couples to an area with no land in sight. Robby applied his snorkel gear and quickly jumped into the ocean to swim with the rather large stingrays. Prior to the trip, I assumed a stingray was probably 1 foot wide at largest size. However, the stingrays we encountered were more like 3-4 feet wide. I was terrified!!! Robby kept telling me to jump in, so reluctantly I did just that. As soon as I landed in the ocean, a huge stingray came directly over my head, shoving me into the catamaran. I could have killed Robby; so I crossed my arms over my heart and quickly swam to the ladder to climb back into the boat. We laugh over this experience every time we see a stingray.

This was one of the smaller stingrays (much smaller!!!)

I definitely recommend Grand Cayman to everyone, but I stongly advise against swimming with the stingrays!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Grateful for Monday

It's a girl! My brother and his wife are having a little girl. I am so grateful to learn that I will soon have a little niece to love--I love her already. Now, if they can just agree on a name......

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today has been a wonderful day. I decided to cook for both my mother & mother-in-law to show them how grateful I am for their love, guidance, and acceptance. We were also able to celebrate a new-mom-to-be, my sister-in-law Jennifer ( I am so excited because tomorrow we will learn if they are having a baby boy or girl. I cannot wait to be an Auntie and my husband is thrilled with the thought of being an uncle!

I was so nervous about making dinner for the family today. I am always afraid everything will taste awful, but everyone at least acted as though the food was edible so I am very grateful. I made lasagna & pea salad, and my sister-in-law brought lemon lush for dessert (one of my favorites). We had planned on eating outside, but the weather just didn't cooperate so we ate dinner in our formal dining room for the first time ever! I am ashamed to say this, but we have lived in this home for 4 years and had never used our dining room.

I am so extremely grateful for my mother. She has been a great role model and influence in my life. I am also grateful for a wonderful mother-in-law who has loved and accepted me as if I was her own daughter. Today has been a complete blessing. I hope all mothers have had a wonderful Mother's Day. I also pray for God's strength and comfort for all those who have lost their mothers. I know today can be a difficult day for so many.