Friday, February 3, 2012


I have been tagged by my SIL to answer a few questions:

1. What's your favorite movie?

I have so many favorites: Steel Magnolias, The Hangover, You've Got Mail, Valley Girl, Urban Cowboy (just love Bud & Sissy)

2. How do you relax?

I love to take a hot bath each night when I get home from work........My favorite part of the day. I often add a glass of wine if it has been a really bad day.

3. Do you workout? If so what's your favorite?

Right now, I am at day 27 of Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson. I love this workout.

4. Describe yourself in one word.

Loyal. People who know me would probably describe me as---Crazy!

5. What would I find in your handbag right now?

Lipstick, powder, brush, phone, wallet

6. What would your dream job be?

My first choice would be dancer, but with my rapidly advancing age.....I would now say my dream job would be to own a gift shop.

7. How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

7-8 on weekdays, 10 on the weekends.

8. Do you like Walmart? Be honest!

I hate it! I only go when I completely run out of food and toilet paper.

9. What's the last meal you cooked?

Taco Salad

10. What's your favorite vacation destination?

Turks and Caicos

11. Who's your favorite musician of all time?

I have several favorites: Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks, Celine Dion, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Buffett, Elton John, Dolly Parton......I know.....a very eclectic mix

12. What one item would you pack if you were on Survivor?