Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Again!!!!!!!!!

It is snowing again!!!!!!! I really don't know if I can stand to see one more flake. I am so longing for visions of spring and dreaming of a beach vacation with toes in the sand and lime daiquiri in hand! This year, we are attempting to do two vacations: our annual Caribbean anniversary trip and a family beach vacation. For the family trip, we are considering Charleston, Hilton Head, Destin, or the Outer Banks. We are definitely open for if anyone has visited the aforementioned destinations, then please share your likes or dislikes. We did spend a few days in Hilton Head last year and we loved it, but it was a little crowded.

We are also having a difficult time choosing a Caribbean island as we like to visit a different place each year. I don't know why we have so much trouble deciding each year as I am sure we could never be disappointed with any beach getaway. The short list for this year includes: Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Lucia, or St. Barts. Again, if anyone has visited the previously mentioned destinations, then please share details and help us make a decision. I am really loving this resort in BVI and this resort in St. Lucia. This St. Lucia resort also looks gorgeous. However, I am sure I won't love any of the prices. I really need a raise or a lottery win. Oh well...I guess I will just stare out my window, gaze at the snow and dream........


  1. All of those are busy beaches. We love Hilton Head, but if you are looking for not as crowded let me suggest Ocean Isle or Sunset Beach NC . they are both great! Both near each other and include good food and local shopping. We rent a beach house and gave been to OIB at least 15 times. Love it!
    I Just looked outside and it is snowing here too! Ugh.

  2. omg...those last 2 look amazing..take ME!!! Shane and Carsyn could stay here and have bonding time!!!