Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update HB 282

HB 282: Amend KRS 314.042 to delete the requirement for an advanced practice registered nurse to enter into a collaborative agreement with a physician before engaging in the prescribing or dispensing of nonscheduled legend drugs. From .

Please see my blog post from February 19, 2011 here .

Yesterday, HB 282 was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Below is a list of committee members:

Sen. Tom Jensen [Chair]
Sen. Katie Kratz Stine [Vice Chair]
Sen. Perry B. Clark
Sen. Carroll Gibson
Sen. Ray S. Jones
Sen. Jerry P. Rhoads
Sen. John Schickel
Sen. Dan "Malano" Seum
Sen. Robert Stivers
Sen. Robin L. Webb
Sen. Jack Westwood

Please call this number 1-800-372 -7181 and email your Senator and all Senate Judiciary Committee members and ask them to vote YES on HB 282.

Wednesdays are for Weddings!

The Royal Wedding

One of my friends recently said to me, "Are you excited about the upcoming wedding?" You think? I absolutely cannot wait to see the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate. I am sooooo excited, but a little worried at the same time. Kate is extremely beautiful, but I perceive her as modern and very high fashion. I admire those attributes in most instances, but I so want to see a traditional Princess walk down the aisle. I want to witness a Royal Wedding reminiscent of Grace Kelly, embracing class, beauty and elegance. I also wonder if there are certain rules, which apply to the modesty of the gown. Will she even be allowed to wear a sleeveless or strapless gown? What do you think she will wear?

I could see her in something like this:

Monique Lhuillier

I would love to see her in something like this:

Carolina Herrera

Or this (please add royal crown and veil):

Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera

But, I predict we will see her in something like this:

Priscilla of Boston

Or something similar to this, but with longer sleeves and massive cathedral train (and I do predict Bruce Oldfield to be the designer of Kate's wedding gown):

Bruce Oldfield

What do you think Kate will wear?
Please, post a comment with your predictions!