Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So....I am turning 32 tomorrow. Should I go ahead and place my face in my hands and begin to weep? I don't think my face can hold any more wrinkles! I am trying to get all the negative thoughts out of my body today so I can prepare myself for tomorrow and Thanksgiving. I guess I have to be thankful for my birthday if it is on Thanksgiving! I WILL BE thankful tomorrow. As for today, I will grieve!


I am grateful to have my Christmas decorating finished! I hosted our BUNCO group on Sunday so there was motivation to put the tree up on Saturday.

The Living Room Tree

The Staircase

The Dining Room Trees

The cupcake display for BUNCO night

We had a wonderful time on Sunday night...always fun to gossip, eat, and open gifts!


I am also thankful for my niece, Carsyn. We were thrilled to babysit a couple of weeks ago (sorry it has taken so long to post pics). She was a perfect little angel.......

She is so happy......

.....until she needed a bottle....

....happy again....

Robby and Carsyn after bottle time

Thank you Shane and Jennifer for allowing us to babysit. We loved it! Can't wait to do it again......Don't you all have some Christmas shopping to do? We will keep her anytime...just so hard to give her back!

Happy Thanksgiving!