Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesdays Are For Weddings!

Due to my obvious obsession with weddings, I have decided to start a weekly post for all things WEDDING such as new trends, colors, unique websites, etc. I encourage readers to comment with your favorite wedding ideas.

Unique Ideas

Wedding Artist

Southern Living Weddings will be out later this week, but they are featuring a wedding online now at .

Photo by Liz Banfield

I love the idea of having an artist capture the most precious moments of your wedding! I had never thought of this, but I think it is a beautiful idea.

Cakes with Color

I am hopelessly traditional and have always loved white wedding cakes surrounded by fresh flowers, but I am really growing to love the idea of cakes with color. 

Photo by Pixel Art Photography

Photo by Janae Shields Photography

Photo by Topozios Cake Artistry

Photo Courtesy of Pink Cake Box

Color Combinations

I love to see unique color combinations at weddings. I want to see something different! I can remember the look people would give me when I told them I was using red, purple and orange for my wedding. I know it sounds terrible, but I love the way it turned out....

 Photo by Suzanne Deaton Photography

These are some of the color combos I'm loving now.....

Green and Purple

Photo by She-N-He Photography and Design

Photo by Sara France

Black and Turquoise

Photo by Tinywater Photography

Chelsea's Wedding featured at

Show me your favorite wedding trends.......

Monday, January 17, 2011

Grateful for Monday

Today I am grateful for friendship.

Last night, we met for our monthly BUNCO NIGHT and had a wonderful time. However, I am not sure why we refer to our monthly gatherings as Bunco Night as we no longer play the game. Basically, we meet for dinner and exchange gifts. Does it really get any better than that? We always have such a great time just talking and laughing. I am so grateful to have such hilarious friends. I hope they know how much I adore each of them.

On Mondays, I am always grateful for The Bachelor. Brad, if you don't pick Emily, then you are just a FOOL! I  LOVE her! However, if it doesn't work out with Brad, I am sure she will have no trouble finding another great guy. I could soooo see her with Jake Gyllenhaal....I don't know why exactly, but I think they would be a perfect fit. Maybe she reminds me of Reese ........and I always loved Jake and Reese as a couple.

What do you think? Wouldn't they look great together?