Monday, June 11, 2012

Patriot Voices

If you have read my previous posts, then you are well aware that I supported Rick Santorum. I have not written anything about the upcoming Presidential election since Santorum dropped out of the race, but now I think it is time to fully support Mitt Romney in his effort to defeat President Obama. On June 8, 2012, Rick Santorum launched Patriot Voices , an online community for Americans to come together and help defeat President Obama. As I look at falling stocks, a forever dwindling economy, and stagnant home prices, I am overwhelmed by the staggering need for rapid change in our country. Living in Eastern Kentucky, I have witnessed the coal industry come under attack by this Presidential administration. Thousands of coal miners have lost their jobs and cannot find employment with comparable pay or benefits. As unemployment benefits come to an end, more and more people from this area will be forced to move to larger cities. Our small communities are dying and few people seem to care.

There is also an urgent need to repeal Obamacare before the American economy is beyond repair.

If you are worried about the future of our country, then I strongly encourage you to join Patriot Voices !