Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Believe it or not, I am a very frugal person when considering most expenses, but there are a few splurges I can't resist....

Robby tells me I believe anything, no matter how ridiculous! After I hit 30, I really began to stress over the ever-increasing abundance of wrinkles that seem to be overcoming my eyes. I have tried almost every facial system or wrinkle cream--no matter how expensive. I have decided my favorite skin care regimen is the Nu-Derm system by Obagi (mainly because it includes Retin-A in the regimen). The only downfalls with the system are the cost and the fact it has to be prescribed by a physician. You cannot order the complete system online, which makes purchasing the products a time-consuming inconvenience. I am also a supporter of The Eye Concentrate by La Mer. Robby says I am crazy to spend so much on an eye cream, but it lasts  4-5 months and really seems to work. I usually save all my loose change and I use that money to purchase my wrinkle cream every few months.......I don't feel as guilty about making the purchase when I use my left-over change.
My other indulgence is VACATION! I love the beach and we try to visit a different island in the Caribbean every year for our anniversary. We consider the annual trip as our anniversary present to each other.

                                                               Turks and Caicos

Monday, August 23, 2010

Grateful for Monday

First, let me apologize for neglecting my blog, but life has just been overwhelming for the past few weeks. I have worked at least an hour overtime almost every work day for the past few weeks. The really bad part is that I do not get paid for overtime and the worst part is that I feel exhausted! However, I am still just grateful to have a job.......life could be much worse.

I am also grateful for the wonderful baby shower I attended this weekend. The shower was for my sister-in-law Jennifer and my niece-to-be. I am getting so anxious! The shower was so cute and the food was amazing. I could have eaten three plates of food, but I was afraid people would talk so I just made one trip to the food table. I really regret that decision....

I am posting a few pictures of the shower, but I know Jennifer will have some better pictures posted soon on her blog at http://southern-blonde.blogspot.com/ .

The Candy Buffet

The Dessert Table

The Outdoor Area

Jennifer opening the baby's first fur coat. The gift was from her grandmother and it was so beautiful. I almost cried as she opened the gift. I can't wait to see my niece in all her new clothes.

I am also grateful to see drywall at Mom & Dad's new home. I am posting pics below to show an update of the progress.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! I, personally, am praying for a much better Tuesday!