Monday, November 1, 2010

I Know It's Been A Long Time

I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything on this blog, but I have to life is pretty boring. Sometimes, there's just nothing to say!

We did have a nice Halloween Weekend. I absolutely LOVE Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays!

I just love mums and Fall decorating.

I don't think I ever posted my finished Fall here it is.

This is a picture of my neighbor, Anita, dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Robby loving the Big Bad Wolf.....I know it is very disturbing.

My favorite Trick or Treater, Carsyn with her Daddy

Carsyn in Halloween outfit #2 and loving her bottle!

Robby holding our niece, Carsyn. She is so tiny...just love her!

This picture of Carsyn isn't from Halloween, but I just love it! This picture is from her first rode trip to see Granny and Papa...about 2 weeks ago.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!


Today, I am grateful my aunt is recovering after a difficult surgery. Please, say a prayer for her complete recovery. 

I am also grateful Election Day is tomorrow.... will be so glad when there are no more Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway commercials. I love politics, but the US Senate race in Kentucky has been ridiculous. How do you give your vote to either candidate? Your options are between a man who actually supports Obamacare and another man who once worshipped the Aqua Buddha! No matter who I vote for, I will most definitely regret my decision.......almost immediately. Truthfully, I have to cast my vote for the candidate who supports the coal industry and opposes Cap and Trade. With the current state of the economy, Kentucky can't afford to lose more jobs.....and no one can afford Obamacare.