Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baby Face

I know it has been a long time since I have made a post, but my life is usually pretty boring and I don't always have a lot to say. To be honest, the only reason I am posting today is because I am so overwhelmingly pissed off....I just have to get it out somehow.

This is a picture of my husband Robby

This is a picture of Robby's parents

This is a picture of Robby and me

Let me begin by saying, I love my husband. He is a great guy and truly my best friend in the world. He is nice to everyone, including myself, and manages to make me laugh even on the worst of days. However, his most unlikeable trait is his youthful appearance. He really looks like he is twelve years old, which upsets me extremely since he smokes everyday and uses the tanning bed at least three times per week. Robby is actually 30 years old and I am 32 years old. During our five year marriage, he is repeatedly asked for his ID at restaurants or even when buying cigarettes. I, however, am never asked for my ID. I have actually even asked the waiter, "Do you need to see my ID?" Only to hear the answer, "No ma'am...that's OK". I have also been mistaken for his mother on several occasions. Well, yesterday, while working in the clinic, two different people asked if Robby was my son after seeing a photo of us together......therefore, the explanation for my extreme pissed offness. I really don't know how to take this question anymore. Do they really think he is twelve years old or do they think I am old enough to have a 30 year old son? Either way, I am still pissed off. I know it is an honest mistake and people mean no harm in asking the question, but I can't help but dislike them immensely.