Monday, April 12, 2010

Crazy World

Has the entire world gone completely nuts? Work was especially terrible today. I have purposely chosen not to obtain a DEA number so I cannot legally write for narcotic medications. This fact is told to patients up front at registration, then again by the nurse at check-in and then finally by myself when they are placed in an exam room. However, this never seems to stop people from cussing me all to Hell when I tell them again I cannot write those types of medications. It is as though they think everyone is lying to them and if they can just make it into the exam room, then this fact will somehow change. It is such a shame when you choose a career to serve and help others, then you have to fear for your life everyday over drugs. A few months ago, a doctor in our community was murdered by a patient because he would not write a prescription for pain pills. How much worse can the drug problem become? I am almost afraid to ask that question aloud.

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