Saturday, April 3, 2010

Organization Tips

I am participating in Show Us Your Life - Organization Tips from Kelly's Korner.

It is probably crazy for me to attempt to give anyone organization tips. I am always a mess--running late, losing my keys, searching for a pair of shoes, trying to find my lipstick. I cannot be on time for anything no matter how hard I try. Therefore, when I do attempt to organize my things, I try to place items where they are easy to find in effort to save myself some time.

My Closet

I keep my purses in full sight so I can easily spot the one I want to use.

I try to keep my shoes organized so they are easy to find.

I use individual dividers in my drawers to keep my swimsuits organized. I also use the same types of dividers for undergarments so I am not wasting time searching for matching pieces.

Again, I am definitely not an organizational expert of any kind---more accurately, I am a disorganized mess!
But, I do hope the aforementioned tips demonstrate the efforts I have made to make my life a bit easier...


  1. Looks like your system works for you. If it saves you time it works! I need to get a shelf thing for my shoes currently they are in a pile and it is really hard to find the matching pair sometimes.

  2. Looks like you have really huge feet.