Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank Goodness Monday Only Comes Once per Week

I am so glad this monday is almost over. Today has been one of the worst work days I have experienced in a long time. Our local hospital has become so over-crowded that very ill patients are often forced to wait for over 24 hours to even get a bed. The ER was so over-crowded today that numerous patients with life-threatening illnesses came into our clinic, then had to be transferred back to ER by ambulance because no beds were available for hospital admission. It is so difficult to care for patients when our communities do not have enough resources to properly care for the large patient population. I feel so frustrated when ill patients have to face so many obstacles to receive much needed care. If it is possible to see any positive outcomes of Obamacare, I hope more health care funding is brought to rural, underserved areas.

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