Sunday, March 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life-What is Your Typical Day Like?

I am participating in "Show Us Your Life"
Link from Kelly's Corner

So I have to admit, my typical day is pretty uninteresting. Work is very hectic and takes up most of my day. Thankfully, I only have to work 4 days per week. Here is my typical schedule:

7:30 am- My alarm goes off for the first time. If it is a good day, then I will get up and workout for 30 minutes to 1 hour (this doesn't happen often). If it is a normal day, then I will hit snooze repeatedly until 8:30 am.

8:30 am- I shower and get ready for work.

10:00 am- I arrive at work. I work as a family nurse practitioner, usually seeing 20-25 patients per day.

1:00 pm- I usually eat lunch at work. It is too busy to actually go out for lunch, but luckily we often have drug reps bring lunch to us.

7:00 pm- I finally get to leave work if I am lucky. Over the past week, I have stayed at work as late as 9 pm because we have been so busy.

7:30 pm- In Spring, Summer, & Fall, I will do a quick evening walk before making dinner. In the winter, I usually start dinner after I get home.

8:00 pm- I am usually so exhausted by this time, I spend the rest of the evening lying on the couch with my husband (if he's not at work) & watching TV until 10 or 11 pm. I will also check emails, possibly post a blog, or do a load of laundry during this time.

11:00 pm- GO TO BED! (I love to sleep)


  1. OH I am so happy to find another girl who loves UK basketball! I found you through Kelly's Korner, and thought I would say hi! Love Kentucky, my parents were at the game today, I would have been but live in TX now. :( Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

  2. I found you through Kelly's Korner too! I live in Breathitt county, and think its awesome to find another blogger from the great eastern Kentucky area!