Monday, December 20, 2010

Grateful for Monday

What A Difference A Year Makes

December 19, 2009....the day my childhood home burned.

December 19, 2010.....visiting Mom and Dad in their new home. We are so grateful they finished the house before Christmas.......

.......and so grateful we still have our parents this Christmas.

Robby also celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday! Unfortunately, it wasn't much of a celebration because he had to work most of the day. There should be a law against working on your birthday.

I am also grateful for lots of Carsyn time over the weekend. I helped Mom and Dad babysit on Saturday while my brother and SIL went to a Christmas party. She was sooooo good. I just love her!

Dad and Carsyn

I am also thrilled with the news of my friend's engagement. Congratulations Vandi! I am so happy for you......and can't wait to hear about wedding plans!

I am also praying for so many families experiencing broken hearts over this past weekend. Please say a prayer for all those experiencing the loss of a loved one. 


  1. I'm so happy you did this post....what a difference a year makes!

  2. I am sorry about the house that burned last year. It looks like your parents have a beautiful new home to make new memories in. Have a wonderful New Year!

    Amy R.