Monday, June 7, 2010

Grateful for Monday

Today I am grateful for an unusually slow Monday at work! We never have slow mondays!

I am also grateful for a very enjoyable weekend at the lake. Our friends, Travis & Candice (the newlyweds) have a boat beside ours and they came in for the weekend. They just got back from a wonderful honeymoon in Jamaica! We were so glad to see them because they don't visit as often since they moved to another part of the state.

Robby enjoying the sun and a Landshark!

This week, I am perhaps most grateful for my father-in-law. He is like a second father to me. I have said for years that I would love to learn to play the guitar. I want to be like Dolly Parton and sit out on the porch while playing my guitar and attempting to sing. This weekend, my father-in-law brought us a new guitar (new to me anyway--he found it at a pawn shop for $50!). I can't wait to learn how to play. I guess I should go ahead and say goodbye to my patients. I am sure we will be moving to Nashville soon! Ha! Actually, I will probably be touring with Jimmy Buffett by next summer. I would love it, but his ticket sells would probably drop.....drastically.

Our new guitar!

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