Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Recession

Remind me not to read Forbes magazine----it is just too depressing.

I had an appointment yesterday with my dermatologist. I am an aging sun worshipper and often have to have skin lesions checked. I ended up having 2 places biopsied yesterday and the PA is pretty sure that one of the lesions is Basal Cell Carcinoma. I am praying she is wrong.

While waiting in the lobby, I picked up Forbes magazine and came across an article, which focused on real people who had been affected by the economic recession. One story really caught my attention. A 34 year old man had lost his seven-figure salary when he lost his job one year ago. The man, his wife, and two children had left their home in New England to move to the Bahamas. They rented their home & also owned several other rental properties in the U.S. Their income from real estate more than likely tripled my annual salary. I found it difficult to have a great deal of sympathy for this couple. Perhaps this makes me a terrible person, but I am a little jealous of the life they are living now!

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