Monday, May 3, 2010

Grateful for Monday

On most Mondays, my blog posts usually consist of several paragraphs depicting how much I despise the day. However, I have decided to try someting new in effort to curb my Monday pessimism. I will instead utilize my Monday blog posts as an outlet to discuss areas of life, which bring me great joy.

Today, I am grateful for Robby (please don't gag). After a very long day at work, I came home to a beautiful, sunny evening to find my husband outside waiting for me. He had already picked up dinner (Thank Goodness!)---I really hate to cook after coming home from work.  Then, we went for a 3 mile walk to get some much needed exercise.

Yesterday, Robby enjoyed spending the day with my little cousin Hunter. He loves children so much and I always feel overwhelmingly guilty because I cannot give him children of his own. This man has sacrificed so much to be my husband. How could I not be grateful to God for bringing someone into my life who is capable of loving me, despite my inability to give him one of life's greatest gifts?

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