Monday, August 23, 2010

Grateful for Monday

First, let me apologize for neglecting my blog, but life has just been overwhelming for the past few weeks. I have worked at least an hour overtime almost every work day for the past few weeks. The really bad part is that I do not get paid for overtime and the worst part is that I feel exhausted! However, I am still just grateful to have a could be much worse.

I am also grateful for the wonderful baby shower I attended this weekend. The shower was for my sister-in-law Jennifer and my niece-to-be. I am getting so anxious! The shower was so cute and the food was amazing. I could have eaten three plates of food, but I was afraid people would talk so I just made one trip to the food table. I really regret that decision....

I am posting a few pictures of the shower, but I know Jennifer will have some better pictures posted soon on her blog at .

The Candy Buffet

The Dessert Table

The Outdoor Area

Jennifer opening the baby's first fur coat. The gift was from her grandmother and it was so beautiful. I almost cried as she opened the gift. I can't wait to see my niece in all her new clothes.

I am also grateful to see drywall at Mom & Dad's new home. I am posting pics below to show an update of the progress.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday! I, personally, am praying for a much better Tuesday!

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  1. You failed to mention that you spent almost your entire weekend at your sil's house where she decided you should be her slave and personal secretary/interior designer! I'm so grateful!! Thanks for posting the pics...I need to get on that.