Monday, June 21, 2010

Grateful for Monday

I apologize if this post offends readers, but I felt the need to express my opinion.

Today, I am grateful for my health. Too often, we take the simple blessing of health for granted, inevitably leading to poor choices which may negatively impact the outcome of our lives. I am so fearful to soon witness the effects of Healthcare Reform, initiated by President Obama. In 2014, I predict insurance premiums of the average working person to skyrocket in attempt to cover the cost of medical insurance for those who have CHOSEN to never work. Many of those people will live an unhealthy lifestyle, indulging in bad habits of smoking, inactivity, poor diet, drug abuse, etc. I am in no way judging the people who choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle, I just don't think I should have to work to cover the cost of their medical insurance when they do not work. (Please note--I am not talking about those who have unfortunately faced lay-offs or cutbacks. I am talking about people who have made a decision to not work because the Government will provide for them.) Where is the initiative to encourage people to go to work, get an education, or to improve their health? There is already wide misuse and abuse of the Medicaid system without extending coverage to even more adults.

I am so grateful to not have numerous health problems, requiring daily medications as I am sure there will soon be very high insurance premiums to cover the costs of very limited healthcare options.

Again, I am very sorry to offend anyone, but I fear for an inevitable collapse of the American Healthcare system, which will ultimately result in an economic depression. I think so many hear the wonderful promise of health coverage for everyone and neglect to understand the impending economic ramifications.

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