Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

We've had a wonderful Father's Day weekend, with the exception of 100 degree heat. We grilled at the houseboat yesterday for our fathers and had to stay in the lake most of the day due to the extreme heat. It was unbearable. One of my aunts, Vicki,  and her daughters also stopped by to visit. My first cousin, Jessica, brought her son & daughter to swim and fish (I think of them as my niece & nephew instead of cousins). They are so cute!

Jessica & Emily Grace

Emily Grace

Emily couldn't decide if she liked the water or not!

Hunter loved the water!

We thought he would be afraid of the slide....

I guess we were wrong.

He wanted the swim across the lake....

But Robby couldn't keep up!

They swam for hours.

Hunter and his fish.

My brother, Shane, also celebrated his first Father's Day as a soon-to-be Dad. We are all so excited to welcome a baby girl into our family. I am counting the days until she gets here!

Mom and Dad made a coozie for the baby so she wouldn't feel left out on game day. This was Shane's favorite Father's Day gift.

Shane and Jennifer with the UK baby gifts.

Today, we went to a family reunion for Robby's family. We ate so much food. I actually gained 3 pounds in 1 day. How is that possible?

Robby and his grandmother Irene

Randy, Irene, Brenda, and Robby

We then went to celebrate Father's Day with my Papa Leon. He is one of the greatest men on this planet. I feel so blessed just to know him and witness how wealthy one truly becomes when he lives for the Lord.

Papa Leon and my Daddy (another great man)

Mom & my aunt Mara Lynn

Lastly, we traveled to the site of Mom & Dad's soon-to-be home. It is wonderful to see some progress. My Mom and Dad have traveled a long, difficult road since our home was destroyed by fire in December.

It is going to be beautiful. I am very excited for them to be back HOME.

There are so many days in my life when I focus on the negatives and complain about all the insignificant nonsense which may occur from one day to the next. I often forget how blessed I truly am. I have a wonderful father who is still married to my mother. I have a fantastic grandfather who still loves my grandmother, even though she passed away almost ten years ago. I have a loving father-in-law who knows how lucky he is to still be married to the mother of my husband. I am immensely grateful for the life God has given to me. I pray for comfort for all those who are without their fathers today. Holidays can be difficult for so many.....

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