Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Motivation Needed

Today was actually a slow day at the clinic and I have the day off tomorrow so all is good with the world. We have finally booked our vacation after months of trying to decide where to go. Now I have to worry about the BIKINI! We leave for our trip in just over a month so I decided I would start exercising everyday--no excuses. However, when my alarm clock goes off in the mornings, I have a difficult time rolling my big butt out of bed just to exercise. I just want to sleep! Maybe I should post a picture of Marissa Miller or Adriana Lima on my alarm clock to offer some motivation. This may end up triggering an opposite effect, forcing me to throw my alarm clock against the wall.

Yeah, I am pretty sure if I have to look at this picture early in the morning, then it will just piss me off!

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