Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome Spring

I had the day off from work today, but I am still exhausted from a difficult day at work yesterday. I didn't wake up until 11:30 this morning, which is unfortunate because Robby had to be at work by 1:00, leaving us with very little to time to see each other. We never see each other!!! Our work schedules are so hectic right now. We did get to have breakfast together this morning--so that was nice. I made homemade buttermilk biscuits for the first time in forever. I really love to cook, but rarely have the time. After Robby left for work, I did some work outside, pulling weeds, cleaning planters, sweeping the porch, and preparing for Spring. It felt great to be outside. This winter has lasted forever. I then had a nice, long bubble bath with candlelight & a glass of wine. A bath has to be the most relaxing luxury in the whole world. I made stuffed peppers for dinner (one of Robby's favorites), but I had to eat alone because he has still not made it home from work.....
I love having a day off from work, but I hate when I have to spend it alone.

Praying for a good day at work tomorrow.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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