Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesdays are for Weddings!

The Royal Wedding

One of my friends recently said to me, "Are you excited about the upcoming wedding?" You think? I absolutely cannot wait to see the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate. I am sooooo excited, but a little worried at the same time. Kate is extremely beautiful, but I perceive her as modern and very high fashion. I admire those attributes in most instances, but I so want to see a traditional Princess walk down the aisle. I want to witness a Royal Wedding reminiscent of Grace Kelly, embracing class, beauty and elegance. I also wonder if there are certain rules, which apply to the modesty of the gown. Will she even be allowed to wear a sleeveless or strapless gown? What do you think she will wear?

I could see her in something like this:

Monique Lhuillier

I would love to see her in something like this:

Carolina Herrera

Or this (please add royal crown and veil):

Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera

But, I predict we will see her in something like this:

Priscilla of Boston

Or something similar to this, but with longer sleeves and massive cathedral train (and I do predict Bruce Oldfield to be the designer of Kate's wedding gown):

Bruce Oldfield

What do you think Kate will wear?
Please, post a comment with your predictions!


  1. I think she will wear something like the PoB one at some point, maybe for the small 300 guests party being thrown by Prince Charles that day, but I think for the wedding itself...she will(or should) go a little foo-foo! i would love to see her in the ML gown at the top.

  2. I would love to see her in a ballgown with all the bells and whistles but I think it will be more modern. I'm really disappointed that she isn't arriving in a horse drawn carriage.