Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesdays are for Weddings!


By now, I am sure everyone is well aware of my love for weddings, but I also love being married. All too often, people become so excited/obsessed with planning the perfect wedding, they forget about about the days following the honeymoon. As I was searching for inspiration for my weekly wedding post, I stumbled across an article here . Take time to read the article as it is very interesting and honestly.....SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME! The survey findings, published by Reuters, suggest possible reasons as to why your mate may potentially decide to run in the opposite direction. Here is a summary of the top 10 list published by Reuters:

1. "Weight gain/lack of exercise"
2. "Money and spend thriftiness"
3. "Anti-social working hours"
4. "Hygiene issues (personal cleanliness)"
5. "In-laws/extended family-too much/too little"
6. "Lack of romance"
7. "Alcohol-drinking too much"
8. "Snoring and anti-social bedtime habits"
9. "Lapsed fashion-same old underwear/clothes"
10. "Bathroom habits" these survey findings scare you? Honestly, I could check yes to at least 6 out of 10! I am just praying my husband doesn't stumble across this article, because he will definitely have the research findings to support his decision to run!


Bridesmaid Dresses

Christy at Life as a New Mrs.-Again did a Wednesdays are for Weddings post today, featuring bridesmaid dresses that can be worn again after the wedding. You can view her post here . I loved the dresses she featured and thought I would post some of my favorites too. My favorite clothing store in the world is Ann Taylor. I should really buy stock in the company as a large part of my paycheck boosts Ann Taylor's profits each month! Most of the Ann Taylor bridesmaid dresses could easily be worn at other events after the wedding.

I also LOVE J. Crew bridesmaid gowns......

Please, post a comment with a link to your favorite
"wear-again" bridesmaid dresses?

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  1. OK, thanks...
    my marriage is doomed...LOL.

    About Ann Taylor, I love that store and all these dresses were great re-wears!