Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today, I attended a "Sprinkle" for my friend, Cydni, who is expecting her second child. We had a wonderful day........I just love shower food!

Lola made Cydni one of the cutest gifts I have ever seen......a hairbow holder!

She also received some of the cutest outfits ever!

We also had live entertainment. Anna's son Talan showed us some of his Michael Jackson dance moves! He was too cute! The evening was so enjoyable and Anna and Courtney were great hostesses.


  1. so so soooo adorable.
    Her little belly is too cute:)

    pass on the congrats!!


  2. The cake was beautiful and I just love that little swimsuit.

  3. I crack up when people use the word "sprinkle" for a 2nd/3rd.etc. baby shower. Around here, I rarely hear it. I guess I just believe if a woman is having a baby...she deserves a party...with cake...LOL.

    Thanks for the post.
    Love the pics of the mom-to-be!