Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Strange Addictions


I classify my obsession with the Jersey Shore as a very strange addiction. I am actually embarassed to tell the people at work how much I truly love the show. I just can't help myself!

Photo from Associated Press


If you ask my husband what he hates the most about me, he will always tell you how my obsession with the snooze button irritates the life out of him. My alarm clock is very loud because nothing less than a train horn can wake me from my sleep. I set the alarm for at least 1 hour before I have to get up, then proceed to repeatedly hit the snooze button until I actually HAVE to get up. Every morning, Robby screams, "If you hit the snooze one more time, then I am going to throw your alarm clock against the wall. Get out of the ----- bed!" That's how we start everyday!

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