Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Kitchen

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The Kitchen

Our kitchen is small and simple, but it is very cheerful and bright. I never really get bored with this room.

The wall color looks almost orange in these photos, but it is actually a rust color
when viewed in-person.

My favorite feature in the kitchen is our flooring, but it is almost impossible to keep clean. If we ever build our dream home, I would like to have wood flooring in the kitchen. A photo of my dream kitchen is posted below. You can view other photos at .

.......Maybe someday......


  1. I really like your cabinets!! And your wall color is really pretty!

  2. i love those white cabinets against that color wall. what color is that? very, very pretty!

  3. I like those windows in your eating area. We just added another fixed glass panel to our existing french doors so that we could have a little nook with natural light like that!


  4. Nice kitchen, I did not participate in this series, just love looking at the kitchens and I love your inspiration photo, kinda like mine, what brought me here was the Kentucky Kitchen, I am also a Kentucky girl living in Eastern Kentucky, Louisa, Ky. to be exact, about 25 minutes from Ashland, Ky, 45 from Pikeville, Ky. Just another small world.

  5. I have always liked your kitchen..all of the colors work well together. We have the same dream kitchen :)

  6. Hey just stopped by as a fellow KY girl.
    Cute kitchen and LOVE the dream kitchen...a girl can dream.
    Cute blog. I'll be back.

  7. My family is also from east KY and still live there..I love your kitchen , very nice.

  8. Love your cabinets & paint color! And your desk area is fabulous - I would love something like that! Love your blog; looking forward to following along! :)