Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog Makeover

My blog makeover is now complete. Thank you so much Danielle, "The Design Girl". You are so talented!

I apologize for not posting for several days, but I have been sulking after the passage of the Health Care Reform bill. Hopefully, new amendments or changes will be added to help improve the outcomes of the health care plan. I did smile when I heard that Vice President Joe Biden dropped the F*** bomb after yesterday's signing of the bill into law. I dropped a few similar words myself, but I doubt mine were used in the same context as Joe Biden's.

Today has been a productive "off-day". I did, of course, sleep-in for a few extra hours this morning. I made Robby breakfast, then we went outside to pressure wash the deck and prepare for Spring! I love this weather. I bought some new ferns for the front porch today---it is probably a bit early for ferns, but hopefully the weather will continue to cooperate. I also had a manicure this evening--I always feel better after a little "ME" time. However, after some pampering, I have returned home to clean house and try to tackle a large mound of laundry. It's amazing how reality always seems to slap me in the face. I would really love to have a maid.....

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